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L'Union Alsacienne of New York needs a new Flag

For safekeeping, L'Union Alsacienne has decided to donate our 75-year old official flag to the Musée Alsacien of Strasbourg to ensure its safe and proper storage given its old age and fast deteriorating condition.

The Flag has been donated on June 24th 2021 during the 4th edition of the Alsace Fan Day. This event took place live in Strasbourg with the participation of Anne Mistler, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg; Paul Lang, Director of the museums of Strasbourg; Marie Pottecher, Chief Conservator of Cultural Heritage from the Musée Alsacien; and Gérard Staedel,  President of L'Union Internationale des Alsaciens.

Our original flag is currently being repaired and restored, and will be available to visitors of the Museum shortly. We encourage you to come and visit this great Musée Alsacien when visiting Strasbourg!

The association has always been proud of its French-American heritage and wants to continue to wave its Union Alsacienne flag during future events.

Therefore, we plan to create a brand new iconic flag, similar to our previous one, and need your support to raise the necessary funds.


Thank you for your support!

The bureau of l'Union Alsacienne of New York

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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