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For ten days and more recently with the federal establishment of the emergency plan across the United States, many of us are sheltered at home in quarantine. During the month of December 2019, the beginnings of the Corona (COVID-19)virus appeared in China, in city of Wuhan located in the Hubei Region. 


At that time and across the globe, we were all watching and sympathizing with the conditions that seemed so far removed from the U.S. and rest of the world. It has become a strong memory but perhaps an example of better days to come, as we experience the early stage of the outbreak and implications it has on our respective lives. Reality has caught up with us and our lifestyles are now disrupted. The innumerable benefits of globalization, allows trade/travel/work all over the world, in such short periods of time. Unfortunately for perhaps the first time in history, this has become a negative side effect of globalization by contributed to the rapid spread of what is now considered one of the worst global pandemics since the Spanish Flu of 1918.


With currently more than a third of the world’s population in government mandated quarantine, it is hard to predict the full extent of implications to our health and overall global economy. However, unlike the last Great Recession of 2008, which was a financial crisis, this time we face a healthcare crisis. Yet with lessons from these events, Global fiscal and monetary response have been swift to provide relief where possible, and healthcare responders are working tirelessly to provide the support, infrastructure, and treatments necessary to defeat this silent enemy. It’s while attempting to predict the timeline to when we return to normal or the full extent of implications may be an anxiety inducing and perhaps futile task, China’s early timeline and trajectory presents a model of recovery. Meanwhile, we can contribute to this virus’ defeat through our own controlled measures.


In this context, we thought it helpful to highlight some suggestions to perhaps bring a sense of control and positive contribution to our family and the community at large: practice suggested healthcare techniques to aid in preventative efforts against the virus, including:


o While in quarantine, try limiting the frequency of outdoor trips for essentials (supermarket, pharmacy, etc.)

o If maintaining an outdoor exercise routine, try maintaining a minimum 10ft distance from others and try to keep it solitary

o As soon as you return indoors, try changing clothes and wash at least your hands before coming in contact with family/other members at home, including wiping down any packages before others come in contact with them

o Avoid unnecessary physical contact when interacting with external person(s) and (no hug, handshake, kisses)

o Define and set a daily schedule or routine to help reduce anxiety of the unknown

o Try new ways of indoor exercise or mindful meditation to help maintain mental and physical health

o For those with kids, there are several publicly available resources for continued education and activity to maintain their levels (i.e. Khan Academy has free online educational programs for pre-school to 12 th grade)

o Keep in touch with your older relatives and be prepared to help them during the next weeks with essential runs if necessary, but please avoid any contact, even a hug or up-close conversation can unfortunately spread the virus

o Treat yourself with simple pleasures of food and drink but as always in moderation (i.e. schedule a virtual happy-hour with friends) as stave the amount of weight naturally gained from quarantine

o For those who are Working From Home, allow yourself flexibility without guilt in your daily schedule, it is normal to make time for family and pets while trying to remain productive during work hours, you might even find yourself more productive with the occasional break interspersed

o Lastly, with extra time saved from commuting, try taking up those leisure activities at home that we do not often have time for in our normal daily routines (i.e. cooking that difficult meal, baking, starting one of the books on your wishful reading list, listening to a new podcast, try journaling your thoughts, board games with the family, cuddles and games with your furry family members, etc.)


The Human existence is a story of unpredictable turns and changes, but our resilience is evident throughout history. Regardless, of this highly unpredictable and unprecedented event, maintain your positivity and joyfulness and remember that we are all in this together.


Jérôme Degreve

3/25/2020  WEDNESDAY ALSATIAN @ BXL Zoute 6PM 

50 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010



7/12/2020  BASTILLE DAY






2/19/2021  150 years of L'UNAL



On Thursday February 13, l’UNAL organized in partnership with the Paris American Club, an evening honoring the life and work of Tomi Ungerer, on the first anniversary of his death.

This event, organized under the auspices and in the magnificent setting of the National Arts Club of New York, was fortunate to have as guest of honor, Mr. Robert Walter, Secretary General of the International Association of Friends of Tomi Ungerer.

On this occasion Mr. Walter gave to the over 60 present guests the pleasure of speaking about the artist and the friend that was Tomi Ungerer. From his birth in Alsace, at the beginning of his vocation as an artist, to his New York and then Irish years, passing by many anecdotes, Mr Walter allowed the public present to better understand the personality and the work of one of the The most famous Alsatians of the 20th century.

Many lithographs available for sale by Mr. Walter appealed to the participants and many left cheerfully with, a piece of Tomi's work tucked with care under their arms and in their minds and hearts.

By Jérôme Degreve

Robert Walter | National Arts Club


6 PM @ Le Moulin a Cafe | 1439 York Ave, New York, NY 10075 

( btw 76th & 77th st. on York av.)

Come to share a drink and a bite to celebrate the New Year !

PHOTOS here !

12/07    Christmas lunch   

60 Alsatians and friends of l'Alsace, and Alsatians from Alsace participated at the Christmas Lunch at Bohemian Spirit restaurant !


PHOTOS here !